Dispersion kettle series

Concentric Biaxial Dispersing Kettle

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Concentric twin shaft agitators are highly non-standard, and can be selected in a variety of blade forms according to the characteristics of materials. Conventional blade forms include anchor type, butterfly type, frame type, screw type, cow horn type, etc;

The high-speed part is equipped with high-speed dispersion head or emulsion homogenizer head, which is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, adhesives, etc;

For materials with temperature requirements, suitable mold temperature machine can be equipped for independent operation and high temperature control accuracy.

Production capacity: 50-2000L

Material viscosity:≤ 1 million cps

Application fields: lithium battery paste, sealant, silica gel, adhesive, ink, food, medicine, cosmetics, new energy materials and other industries.

Applicable materials: dispersion and mixing of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid phases, mixing of various fluids with viscosity less than 1 million CPS and solid content less than 85%.

This machine uses two motors to provide power respectively. High speed decentralized shaft drive uses belt or synchronous belt to drive, with small power loss. It is also equipped with high-end frequency converter for speed regulation. Driven by the high-speed shaft, the decentralized disk operates at high speed and performs strong shearing function.

The low-speed shaft is driven by chain wheel and chain, with high transmission ratio, and is equipped with a fixed speed reducer, which can transmit large torque and drive the mixing shaft to move in a circle along the axis direction, and the whole body with animal feed rotates along the axis. The mixing blade is equipped with a wall scraping device to achieve the wall movement without dead angle on the inner wall of the barrel; The equipment transmission mechanism and mixing system are lifted and lowered as a whole by a set of hydraulic plunger system.

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